Zowie XL2546 Gaming Monitor

couple of proprietary features to Zowie.

Firstly, the jokes aside guys.

This is the Zowie XL2546.

gaming the next one! if you wanna see more videos like this and we'll see you in video give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to this channel if you have not and drop us a comment below the description section below.

If you like this 1080p monitor.

Links to purchase this monitor is in far as I could push it when it comes to a and also the 24.

5 inch screen size, is excellent ergonomics and TN panel which is so so good like about this includes the minimalist design, comes to your opponents! The things that I really definitely give you the competitive edge when it vibrance, Dyac and Black eQualizer.

This will alongside other cool features such as color rate, it also has a 1ms response time tested to date.

Not only has it a crazy 240Hz refresh XL2546 monitor is one of the best we have In a nut shell, the color vibrancy is kinda like cheating.

Isn't it? Shhhhhh.

Actually the combination of black equalizer and without over exposing the rest of the display level so you can brighten up darker areas of the screen eQualizer which basically lets you adjust black such as PUBG and CS:GO.

Finally, there's, a black enemies better in games with flatter visuals Cranking up your vibrance will help your spot gives you 20 levels of color vibrant settings get the color vibrancy feature which basically you gotta experience it yourself.

Secondly, we have no way of showing this to you on camera, so image was during gaming sessions.

Though we seriously our testing, we do realize how much clearer the can't use it together with Flicker-Free.

During Dyac is based on strobbing technology which means that you spread control or recoil control in first person specifically developed for things like accuracy feature which is essentially an anti blur feature, designed for aggressive screen movement XL2546 has a proprietary Dyac or dynamic more common low blue light and Flicker-Free.

You do get a a look at the built-in features.

Along with the the three pin power cable input.

Next, let's take jack, a mini usb port for the S-switch and finally, port, 1 Display Port 1.

2, 1 microphone port for the pass through cable to your PC, a DVI-DL port, 2 HDMI 2.

0 At the bottom, you get the USB B-Type ports for charging and connecting your peripherals mic and headphones as well as two USB 3.

0 you get 2 3.

5mm audio jacks for your miss a frame.

In terms of IO ports on the side 240Hz refresh rate so you'll never ever have G-sync or free-sync, it does come with seen yet.

Also, though this monitor may not actually stacks up.


maybe the best TN panel we've was pretty surprised by how well this one monitor comes to viewing angles and color accuracy.

I due to its 1ms response time.

While TN panels are known to be inferior when it full hd TN panel, which is better for gaming needs panel, the XL2546 comes with the 24.

5 inch cut that out.

Let's talk about the What they're all about.


Please don't sing Of course, man that's.

What they are all about.

around when it comes to competitive gamers huh? allows for more warm up time.

Dude, Zowie really isn't playing players because it makes setting up easier and 25 (not 2.

5) inch models.

This is perfect for tournament and is compatible with other XL series 25 (not 2.

5) memory so you can bring your profiles on the go Xl2540 and XL2536, the S-Switch provides built-in not only that, with this XL2546, as well as the programmable profiles with the press of a button, faster.

It allows you to switch between three essentially allows you to navigate the menu you also get S-Switch controller which Other than the usual bundled power cable and Display Port cable delve into the monitor's specs and features holder.

Let's check out the accessories before we drill.

Look there's, even a hidden headset lazy, like me, you can even use an electric Yeah it's really convenient.

However, if you're I think it's much more of a tournament design right? use the coin and remove it or attach it.

there to like minimize distraction ah.

I see You know what? The shields apparently.

You can just over it's kind of distracting so the shields are of exposure.

You get like photographers, camera crews and also like enthusiastic fans running all know how eSports is like right with a lot the monitor for? Ok, they are actually called shields and you screen.

Hey so what's a little flap on the side of fps gamers tilt their keyboards and get closer to the allows for maximum stability while letting pro you can rotate the screen 90 degrees into portrait mode.

The adjustable rectangular base of swivel in each direction and 5 degrees of tilt downwards and 20 degrees upwards.

Finally, height adjustment, 45 degrees In terms of economics, you get up to a 140mm vesa mount for a variety of mounting options.

In screen.

The monitor comes with a pretty sturdy stand that attaches to the monitor via a quick release a thicker bezel does help players focus more on the pro gamers in their R n D process but apparently, according Zowie which has involved The bezel is by no means thin at 10mm and two more glossy ones on the shields BenQ on the stand, a metallic red Zowie logo at the back hands.

In terms of branding, there's a painted silver finger prints, especially if you have clammy meets the stand.

This will surely help avoid nasty finish except for the glossy back plate where the monitor monitor is very minimalist with a dark grey chasis and a matte So, let's go, check.

It out.

This monitor and it retails for RM2299 noobs like you, okay fine I guess this is why people still play games on the pc and not consoles.


competitive edge they can never get.

Unlike because every serious gamer wants every single Well, why do you buy a 1080Ti and play CSGo people would need 240Hz on a monitor talk about the elephant in the room which is why internet your way anyday.

More details in the description section below.

Before we start let's right now, because it gives you the freedom to The Internet is a space for us to be free and do in fact, it's thanks to your watching this video watch movies, listen to music and we play games.

whatever we like so it should never be restricted We spend most of our lives on the Internet.

We the ranks and also, I can cover his ugly mug rate, like this 240Hz, you will fly through Not flaps, wings! Because with a refresh Isn't this the Zowie XL2546 monitor.

What's this lil flap here man? Eh you cannot cover my face lah.

What year do you think it is? 2010? OK la fine, I change.

What monitor should I get? Hey Elaine, this Shane keep asking me to change my monitor What's wrong with my 144Hz monitor? You tell me la bro shooter games such as CS:GO and PUBG.

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