TN Acer Predator XB271HUA monitor

Hello, welcome everyone! This is a quick review for the Acer Predator XB271HUA monitor.

Which is 27 inch, 1 ms response time, 144 up to 165hz monitor with a tn panel.

First of all, my english isn't perfect, but anyway i want to share my opinion with you.

And on the screen right now you can see my text.

I need it.

I really need it, because it's hard to speak in english.

I bought the monitor a month ago.

And back then I had no idea what I'm buying.

Because there were reviews only on Acer Predator XB271HU (without A at the end) Which is IPS panel monitor.

The same, pretty the same model.

But IPS one.

So I was scared to buy.

Especially in my case, i can't return purchases back to the store, because I live in Russia and I order my purchases from eBay, where every firstseller from America So delivery is really expensive and I can't just pay for it.

I want to recommend one detailed video about IPS monitor, IPS panel.

In this video you can find a lot of technical details about IPS one.

And it's pretty the same for TN panel.

This video helped me a lot.

I put the link in the description.

Back to this video, I don't worry about very accurate color transmission and super-accurate uniform backlighting I didn't calibrate the monitor itself because i see a really good image quality from the box without calibrating (calibration?) I have a gtx 1080 videocard installed, and during the whole month it was installed on my pc and connected through display port.

And i can tell that the gaming.

Tell? I need to "say".

I can say that The gaming is really smooth and I really happy with it.

I played with 165hz, with gsync, but I should notice that i can't see any big difference with gsync.

When i play without gsync, I can't really say whether I play with it or not So.

My decision Is that you really don't need to overpay $100 for gsync And it's not worth it The first main thing you'll notice when you will play or rather.

Not playing just browsing or another things that there is really small instant time between your mouse and keyboard pressing and the movements on the screen So this is really cool.

And all the movements on the screen itself are really smooth Even when you are in the browser, It's a lot more comfortable This monitor is my first 144, 1440p monitor So, I can't compare with another models But I can tell (say) that a jump from this one, which is 1080p, 60hz monitor.


I can notice.

Analog one.

It's really huge jump.

I bought this one from refubrished store.

from refubrished acer store on ebay And i put the link in the description I bought for 416 dollars It came in non-original package, but functionally there is no any issues with it.

Except one cosmetic defect is that.

crack there.

You can see.


It's not really that noticeable, but And stand itself is functionally is okay.

Nothing to worry about but this crack is.

just there.

And i guess if you don't live in 5 thousand miles from the store I mean Acer Recertified store It's not a problem for you.

Finally, I think this monitor is really good And I can recommend you to buy this.

I bought for as I said before, I bought for 2.

for 416 dollars and plus 114 for shipment, which is expensive And for this price which is 530 in total.

It's really okay.

It's really plus this crack on a stand it's really okay.

And I'm satisfied with this purchase And finally, again finally Thank you for watching Don't blame me if.

I know there was some bad words or bad constractions that i used.

But anyway thank you for watching and bye!.

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