Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Monitor

Now, Spectre may not be in the same leagueas manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG and the rest of them, but I decided to get a monitorfrom this company.

Well, the monitor looked pretty good and itwas within my budget.

So I placed an order on Amazon and severalweeks laters, I can say my decision was right.

Don't get me wrong, this right here is notthe best monitor in the world.

As a matter of fact, it's not for everybody.

But for what I do with this 27-inch display,it's almost perfect.

Assembling this thing was really easy.

There's a previous unboxing video on that.

The stand looks strong enough.

And of course, you can mount it on the wall,but you have to buy the mount separately.

It's not included in the box and I wasn'texpecting it to be included.

I plan to use it on my work desk and no whereelse.

The monitor has all the ports you need: DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA.

if anyone still uses it.

You have Audio in port if you plan to connecta sound source to play through the monitor speakers.

And Audio out port if you intend to connectexternal speakers.

It comes with a 12v power brick that hasn'tblown up yet.

But I'm sure I can easily get an after-marketreplacement if something happens to it.

When you get a new monitor, you know, youneed to first check for dead pixels and I was lucky there was none.

The best way to check this is view a plainimage in full scrren and look for blacked out areas or missing pixels.

If there was, I wouldn't have been able tosend it back to the US from Nigeria here.

But I was really lucky, there was absolutelynothing wrong with it and it came in a perfect working condition.

No dead pixels, no cracks, nothing.

Now, monitors with curved screens are generallyknown to be expensive, but I got this for only $159.

And right now, it's even selling for $149.

I could be wrong, but this is cheapest 27-inchcurved monitor in the market.

On the other hand, cheap can be synonymouswith poor quality a lot of times.

And if you're wondering if this looks likea cheap product, it doesn't.

It's very slim, the bexels are really thing.

The display is the most important thing here.

And when I first got this unit, the displaylooked a bit washed out.

I wasn't really satisfied with what I wasseeing.

I tried the different display modes: cold,warm, eco,.

but I still didn't get what I wanted until I tried making the displaylook like the what I have on the iPad Pro.

I was displaying the same thing on both devicesthrough AirPlay and got to fine-tune the display settings manually.

So if you want to get the best display outof this monitor, perhaps you should turn to manual settings.

It's got a refresh rate of 75Hz which is goodenough.

But there's one major problem with the displayyou should know about.

It suffers light bleed around the edges ofthe screen and this is very noticeable when you're displaying a dark image.

You can see the light around the edge of thescreen here.

If you cannot ignore something like this,maybe you should stay away from this guy.

But you should know what this is a very commonproblem with cheap monitors sporting LCD displays and LED displays.

You don't want this problem, then go for anexpensive monitor with OLED display.

This is not a 4k monitor, it's 1080p and Ithink you know what that means, You get really close enough and you may be able to see thepixels.

I'm using it with my Apple TV, primarily towatch movies and as a secondary display for my MacBook Pro through AirPlay.

I do some occasional PS4 gaming with it tooand I can say the resolution is alright for my needs.

This monitor comes with inbuilt speakers butdon't be excited, they sound so horrible.

I couldn't bear to listen to it and had tobuy a pair of logitech speakers.

For $149, it would be irresponsible to demandperfection.

This is a monitor that gets the basics rightand gets the job done.

Because of the color accuracy, resolution,I may not be able recommend this monitor here for professionals who take these factors seriously.

But if you just need it for gaming, entertainmentor as a secondary display or even as a primary display for your workstation, I'm not sureyou could go wrong.

Despite these issues, I think I'm okay with.

You get what you pay for, right? But truth is it's hard to find a monitor withthe same specifications as this at the the same price.

That's my review of SPectre C278W curved screenmonitor.

Hopefully, I'm gonna see you in the next video.

Stay safe!.

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