Philips BDM4037UW 4K UHD Multiview Monitor

Hello I'm Ricky from TechTalk and todayis a review of the 4k UHD LCD display with multi-view from Philips massivethank you to Philips who have supplied this enormous monitor for us to reviewthe model number is EDM 4:03 7uw this is available on Amazon UK and also I'll puta link in for the US here in the UK cost 495 pounds for that amount of moneyyou're gonna get a great display so as I go through the review I'm gonna show yousome gorgeous images for this desktop and also some gaming from the Xbox one Xthat is in 4k the screen on this display is 40 inch or a hundred and one pointsix centimeters it's a V a panel for wide viewing angles plus 178 degreeseach way on the horizontal line it also has a curved display so it immerses youinto the monitor you get pulled in when you're working or game in or justenjoying this monitor you pulled in with that curve as well and your eyes arefocused onto the central part of the display which makes it really nice andenjoyable to use as you can see they do have slim bezels for a stylish design inthe silver look here is a white on the back as well and it's a glossy finish onthe back which I'll show you when I show you the port so the monitor is verystylish are like half present moon-shaped foot pedal stool as well theresolution for this monitor is 3840 by 2160 was running at 60 Hertz magaz is apixel density of a hundred and ten and ultra care 4k uhd images and videos onekey feature about this monitor is the philips multi gear so with this massivedisplay enables you to have up to four systems each shown in a full HD on onescreen to have four separate devices connected in thanks to two display portsand the two HDMI ports so you can see all among displays those making fordifferent setups which i think is great you can use picture by picture tomonitor full systems on one screen for control rooms or security or formultiple different devices and also this has the option of picture-in-picturemodes for watching football or playing your game while you're working ora set-top box there and you can sit back watch your recordings while you'reworking on your PC or laptop the choice is yours and that is one great featurebuilt in as Phillips technologies smart image presets which change to adjust allaspects of your display and it optimizes your display for the choices you haveand I'll show you this when we go through the menu setup and the use ofthe joystick control system and this monitor this monitor also has flickerfree technology to help fight fatigue and using for long periods of time so ifyou have a smartphone in sport M H L you're in luck with this monitor as wellbecause it is built-in to a two HDMI ports on the back – this means you canenjoy your mobile device on a large screen this is done through at 1080pfull-hd there is two built-in stereo speakers and they're five watts of powereach so total of ten what they're really quite impressive most monitor speakersare a bit so echoey and lackluster they're not very good butthese ones are really good when I play on the Xbox one all the sound is comingthrough the speakers here one other key feature I'd be like of this device isthat has a USB hub and their USB threes and there's four of them with one ofthem far charging on the rear this monitor has an aspect ratio 16.

9 it'sresponse time is 4 milliseconds brightness is 300 CDM contrast ratios4001 offers a smart contrast which is 20 million to one so moving around thismonitor is simple and easy with a great feature of a joystick control statesystem which is located down at the bottom right hand corner of your monitorso platanus in start off with will put your monitor into sleep mode or standbymode if I press down you got your input selection as down again and you cantoggle through this pressing to the left hand side you'll get your smart imagepresets and go through this you'll see the image on the desktop change andadjust with the different options that you have here present to the right handside will bring up your menu here you can scroll through and adjust everythingin here for your menu one negative thing I don't like about this menu you have togo into audio then volume here and then change this way there's no direct accessto the volume which is a shame going through the menu is simple andeasy and you're going to find everything you need in here then the main featureis actually pressing up this is where you're gonna get your picture in pictureand your four-way picture or your two-way picture so first of all let's gopicture in picture so change and adjust your picture in picture what you need todo is go down to the settings here so we're in picture and picture so toselect a different port go into here and then select the correct port is rightfor you there we go so now I've got my xbox to 1x up there in picture andpicture and I can carry on working you can resize this if you so want to andyou can move it to all four different corners as welland I've really enjoyed using the picture in picture to maybe watchsomething the other great feature of this monitor is also having picture bypicture so we can have a two-way here so as you can see we have picture bypicture here the added extra feature to this is having four separate devicesconnected into one so now if we go for picture and what you need to do is gothrough the menu options and again change the input for the different onesthat you look while it's just in here and they'll change one of these HDM eyesto the first one you can see the PlayStation pop up there's thePlayStation there and obviously if you did have another connection you couldthen have a separate screen as well but this way we could game you could watchstuff and work and you can have different processes going on and Philipsthe same as well say you're doing security cameras you can have fourdifferent cameras linked up onto this screen you can collaborate multipledifferent projects all in one great display and I think that's awesome Ireally do enjoy that there this monitor has the ability to tilt and you can tilt-5 degrees so this is minus 5 and then it can go to a plus 10 degrees so thisis a plus 10 which is nice that you have that ability to do taking a look at therear of our monitor you can see the control systems so first of all at thebottom left corner bit be the right corner when turnaround is your joystickcontrol system then you have your power you have your 2 HDMI is with the M pageL technology built in you then have to display ports as well here and then youhave your VGA you have your audio in you have a headphone jack and then you haveyour USB hub here as I discussed and one of them is fast charging which isidentified by the yellow connection in the middle is your vesser connection andthis is 100 by 100 millimeter then to the far right is a Kensingtonlock that will be on the left-hand side though when turned around and again youcan see the night at White's glossy finish to this monitor it really tiesinto the silver stand and it looks really nice so to finish off I want togive you my personal thoughts of the monitor so with the large display thatoffers 4k UHD resolution that is fitted with small bezels that gives a stylishfinish to this monitor from every single angle as plenty of connections and theability to connect multiple different devices if you need the added feature ofpicture in picture or picture by picture which I've shown and I've really enjoyedusing it has the USB hub on the back which makes connections simple and easybut sometimes can be a little bit fiddly I'd like to see this more on the site asit would be easier to connect multiple different devices but at least you havethe option on this monitor to add different connections and also to usefast charging the menu system is easy to use thanks to a control stick systemwhich I went through and you can navigate through the menu very easy andget to where you need to very quick the one downside is that you have to gothrough the menu to change your audio all the time I wish it was on thecontrol stick system somewhere but otherwise it has been a simple and easyuse to get through the monitor has been an enjoyment to use and suit mostpeople's purpose or use they need from this monitor if it's fine detail you canhave that if you want to use gaming you can use that which i think is greatmassive thank you to Phillips who have supplied this monitor and this has beenthe review of the Philips BDM 4:03 7uw the links will be in the description andif you have any questions or queries drop a comment down below thanks alwaysfor watching and for me Ricky I'll see you in the next video to finish off thevideo I'm gonna leave you gaming from the Xbox 1x enjoy in this section of myreview I wanna show you some gaming and with this monitor it supports a 4kgaming which is great I am using the Xbox 1x so before I begin let me justshow you the settings so in video options you do have the setting of 4kuhd which is great then we can go into video modes here and then we can alsoallow 50 Hertz and then also allow 4k which is awesome and then 4k TV detailsso on this list here you can see at the top there yourTV supports 4k UHD at 68 one key thing to note at the bottom there your TVsetup supports up to native 4k gaming which is awesome so let's test out somegaming moving from Forza Motorsport 7 we changeto assassin's creed obviously with Biak and we're just going to have a wanderthrough and also get and look at this great scenery that you do get with thisgame and again this is xbox one enhanced and available to play in 4k againdepending on your device is supporting it we do have a tempore tomb here thatwe can go and explore which we're going to go and check out in this part of thevideo you.

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