Philips 4K 272P7VPTKEB 27 inch Monitor

hi everyone I'm Ricky from Tech Talk andtoday we're doing our full review of the philips 4k uhd LCD monitor with powersensor so massive thank you to Phillips orsending out this monitor for me to review the model number for this monitoris 272 p 7v p t– k eb it's from there p light and it has footage brilliancebuilt-in so as I'm going through showing you these images and also there's aslideshow full of images it's an ultra clear 4k uhd monitor with 1 billioncolors and with IPS technology all come together for a critical detail forcritical work this monitor has a B energy rating from philips but with thepower center you can save up to 80% of power when you have this built-in powercenter which is built in here at the bottom so its size is 27 inch or sixtyeight point five centimeters remembers corner-to-corner has a 4k uhd and theresolution for that is 3840 by 2160 network it's a 60 Hertz and there's 5milliseconds of response time so with its ultra 4k uhd you can get reallygreat content details as well as video photo I think also when you're gaming aswell as you can see from these images show you during photographical editingor video editing I can moments show the 4k footage that I record on here I canactually show on the monitor as well and see a lot larger display than what Iwould do on other monitors that doesn't support 4k the 10 bit display offersrich color and bet with over 1 million colors also a 12 bit internal processingthat for recreating smooth natural colors as well has 1,300to 1 contrast ratio and a 20 million nett to one smart contrast ratio hasmobile link as well that is supported on your device as well please check as wellbut you can connect your device up to the monitor and it will show resolutionof 1080p at 60 Hertz one thing I really did like about this monitor which I didshow in my unboxing was the amount of cables that actually come with thismonitor so you get a hub you get HDMI you get a display port cable a miniDisplayPort cable a USB cable an audio cable and of course your power thismonitor also comes with a VESA mount which is 100 by 100 if you're interestedin mounting your monitor and I will show you oneturn around and look at all the ports so with its IPS technology uses a vasttechnology that gives you extra wide viewing angle so of 178 degrees each wayto know enough viewable from every single angle you also get a greatviewing angle as well when this monitor is pivoted to 90 degrees so IPS displaygives you a remarkable crisp images that we're seen on the display with vividcolors making it an ideal photo film or web browsing or professional use or evenif you want it just a nice general monitor it's really nice to use and I'vereally enjoyed it through my review period as you can see it has very narrowbezels displayed with seamless appearance features ultra narrow borderswhich allows for a minimum distraction and maximum viewing size suitable formonitor mountain and side-by-side or a large monitor setup so you could easilyput three of these together or four these together as a large panel andreally enjoyed great gaming in a work experience or professional applicationusage without getting distracted by your borders one thing I do like about thismonitor as of all Phillips monitors I've reviewed so far has no blue lights modeand flicker free technology that will help protect your eyes from the damagingblue lights especially when it's late at night or when you're going in as wellyou want your eyes to be protected and when they are protected and you don'tget fatigued you can actually carry on gaming for longer I'm working for longerand enjoy using this monitor for longer so at the top there you do have a pop-upweb camera so it does go into the display which helps mean that yoursecurity is safe and your privacy is safe as well when it's not in use whenin use you will see an LED indicator so you know it's on and is looking at youbut when you're done you can just pop that down and I think that's a greatidea it's 2 megapixels so it can be used for FaceTime it can use your Skype andall social media aspects and you can share your work so you isn't working innearly to contact a colleague you could do that if you want to then when you'redone all you have to do is just pop it in and it's hidden and it's nice anddiscreet I do like that feature it also has two built-in stereo speakers whichrun underneath the bottom bezel here and there are two watts of power each theyhave four watts of total power so now I want to take you through the buttonsystem that you have on this monitor again this is a slight mindfor me I'd rather have a joystick or control stick as there like it's just abetter movement as these buttons could be a little bit fiddlythere's no tactile feel to them they're quite smooth underneath the monitor andunderneath that bottom as all they're but coming up closer you can see howthin these puzzles are on the sides so starting off you have your power buttonthat will turn off your monitor so I can just turn that off I can then turn itback on then on the rear there is also a dedicated power switch and now as youcan see when turned on you actually will see the resolution your monitor is usingand for this we're using the high resolution through my Mac so next tothat button we have our mini button you can then scroll through your menu hereyou have loads of different options that you can go and choose calibrate andchange if you so wish to we get a sort select and one says ok next up is yourinput selection so at the moment is to set on auto select next up is yourpicture mode so you have a picture in picture and then picture on top ofpicture if you need to use that which i think is a great idea then finallyyou'll find your smarts image select where you can scroll through and changeyour monitor easily and this will change and adjust the settings so quickly foryou to the desired one that you need on here so you'll see photo video gaminglow blue light mode or you can just have it off and it'll just be the defaultsettings and then you can change in the menu if she so wish to so that all alongthe bottom there like I said I don't have a joystick that's just a little bitfiddly for me with my eyesight but they're just underneath the bottom bezelso taking a look you've got the Philips badge here underneath is your powersensor that I've shown you working previously where it detects a human andthen we'll obviously wake up your display and then when no one's there oractually put it into sleep and that's where you'll sleep eighty percent worthof power and you have it your stand here where it's a nice finish it's a mattefinish as well black in color with a silver trim just around the apse willspan and also this would be an ideal place to put a wireless charger if youhave a wireless charging device one cool feature with this monitor is theyactually pivots in 90-degrees angled so you can have it standing uplike this and I've got to admit I have never seen at my youtube channel likethis before and as you can see we are so close to that eight thousand as well onhere so make sure you do go and check out our channel Tech Talk and makesure you might become that 8000 subscriber so with this portrait modehere you can do great photographical editing if you want to you can also haveit for stocks and shares or professional application uses maybe needs a monitorin this portrait mode and this Philips monitor here does allow you to do thatand I think it's great so I do have another application open that I can showyou as well if I just right to the right as you can see here we have all thephotographs that I've shown you in the slideshow as well you can see a nice biglist there of course you have to go into settings it just adjust this on the myvery easy very simple to do as well so as I discussed I want to go through theversatility and adjustment of this monitor and one thing I've got to praisePhillips for is that you could have this monitor in any angle you want anyalignment you want and to pair up with another monitor is very easily so itdoes have great versatility in the heights the adjustment swivel the pivotand I just want to go through that here for you so starting off it has a hundredand 50 mils difference in height so if I bring it all the way up so that is allthe way up if I go all the way down so that is all the way down and as you cansee there the stand is just pointing up out the back so you can have anothermonitor on top and like I said it does have a VESA mount as well so as I'vejust shown you in the rotation and in the application usage it does have apivot feature so you pull all the monitor all the way up lift towards youand rotate in a clockwise direction it will only go in one way make sure itlocks in and you can adjust that again in height to whatever your personalchoice is very easy to do just make sure you use two hands as you don't want todamage the monitor so again just lift that towards you up twist all thisheight back around and then it goes back into the landscape mode and it will onlygo one way please make sure you bear that in mind the monitor is on its ownstand and then on the base which means it can swivel so if I swivel this firstround it to the left you can swivel it around 175 degrees and as you can seehere you see the rear of our monitor and I'm going to go into a bit more detailthey just got Phillips branding you can see where that pop-up web camera is aswell which i think is a neat idea that just hide behindwhat you can also do is swivel round all the way around to the other slide comingall the way around then to the right-hand side and then if I just bringthat back around here you can see the USB section here where you can connectUSB devices which i think is a great idea so you do get supplied a USB cableit connects to your MacBook Pro PC or laptop then you have extra ports thatare USB powered there as well and finally you can tilt your display so totilt the display you have a minus 5 so that is what a minus 5 will look likethen you have a plus 30 again you can do this when in pivot mode or however youwant you can change and adjust this with the swivel which I just think is awesomeabsolutely great so we can lift this all the way up and you can look down ontoyour work I think the adjustability and versatility makes it a key feature forthis monitor I've really enjoyed just changing themonitor around and using it way I want to use it so now what I'd like to do isI'm gonna take the stand off and show you how to take stand on and then talkabout the port's that you're gonna find on the rear so with our monitor laiddown safely if you're ever going to do this just make sure you put a cloth downas you don't want to damage the display but here you can see the column that youhave the height adjustment also down behind here you do have a cableadjustment system which I think's a great idea and just in the middle you'regonna see a little button you need to press press this in then your stand andbase will come out and inside here this is where you're gonna find your VESAmount connection this is the back panel of your monitor to be fair so you havesome fans you have Philips and like I said you can see the house in there forthe pop-up a web camera it's wanna show bring it in shot you do have aKensington lock as well so if you want to lock down this monitor and it doesn'tgo for one dot and that's a really great idea so first of all here is one speakeron the bottom here is the other that is two watts of power then if I come alongI can show you them many buttons that I was pressing there and as I discussedit's not very tactile which is a shame a joystick would be a much more preferredthis is another minor point that I'd like to just raise about this monitorall the ports are up and behind the stand and can be quite fiddly to gethold of and connect in the power is relatively easy you do have a dedicatedon/off switch I hear as well which can help with saving power then we movealong to see our ports so you have a HDMI connection you have your displayports a mini DisplayPort VGA you have your second display ports out which is adaisy chain port so you can add more monitors you have your headphone jackand microphone jack and then as I showed you when turning the monitor around youdo also have a three extra USB so you have to sacrifice one of yours you areactually getting that back and then two extra which i think is really good hereas you can see one of them has a lightning bolt that means it's going tobe fast charging as well available there I do like to show this part of the videoas always because you're not too sure which connections you do get with yourmonitor as for in this video you can see as I said before you do get loads ofcables provided for every connection there which i think is really neat ofPhillips to do so let's connect the stand back on and let me finish up thereview so to connect the stand on is very easy I did show this in my unboxingvideo if you do have any issues with anything with this monitor so what youdo is put the two top prongs in first push down you'll hear a click from thisbutton that's under here then your monitor is safe to lift up and put backin its correct position so next up we have a brand new movie trailer again in4k uhd playing it 1440p on this monitor this is incredible – so very long timethis seagull has taken to come out so I'm looking forward to this as well so as you can see from them greattrailers and the video clips I've shown you and around this monitor is veryimpressive for work life or home life or mixing the two together it can handleboth the display is fantastic the 4k uhd is superb with websites is crisp isclean with iMovie I get to see my 4k content in that display and I think thatis awesome a couple of minor things just like I said cables can be a little bitfiddly cuz they are up and behind in connection so if you're connecting themall the time or changing them it can be a bit fiddly the buttons a little bitfiddly again once you get used to it you'll be okay a joystick or controlstick would have been it preferred but otherwise I'm blown away by the screenthe screen is beautiful the screen pushes a little bit so it could be a bitniggly just to the side and I enjoyed the display the versatility is also thiscan go up down side with left-right its great there's so many movements herethat you can have also you have the very thin bezels on this display where youcould add more to your setup as well you can have a double set up a triple set upor even a four big panels making one large display the 27-inch is a brilliantsize for me I'd maybe like to look at 32 to see how that compares this has been agreat monitor for me using personally mainly use it with iMovie and thenwatching content on social media using it in that way it is nice it has thepivot mode in a 90 degree angle and if you're used to using a monitor in thatmode for work that's great so with 4k uhd ultra solution if thatdevice is supported it will look absolutely stunning on this device it isa plug-and-play system with Mac OS and windows which i think is awesome apop-up web camera that is up here at the top just pops up to say hello and thenyou can have a video chat when you're done it just make sure you tap that backdown for your privacy insecurity and you know no one's spying on you I like thattoo if you do have any questions or queries about this monitor drop acomment down below and I'll be more than happy to helpso I'm actually thank you to Philips who supplied the monitor for the review andthe review has been on the Philips 4k UHD LCD monitor with power sensor andthe model number is 272 p 7v p t– k eb and that's from there P line withPhilips brilliance built in so I will add the links into the description soyou can go and check it out for yourself and also where to buy here in the UK amassive thank you for everyone that's watched the video hope you enjoyed itremember to follow us on Instagram Twitter just search for tech-talkkyookie you can either see my lovely face and all the Tech Talkbad and also go and check out our brand new website where I'll have a detailedwritten review now about this monitor that is Tech Talk UK co dot uk'so that's for all your latest news review and unboxing videos will be onthere as well so from me Ricky I'll see you very soon bye for now.

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