Philips 349P7FUBEB Curved UltraWide USB C

Hi everyone I'm Ricky from TechTalk and this is my review of the curved ultra wide display with USB C dock from Philips so massive thank you goes to Philips who have supplied this monitor for me to review the model number for this is 349 p7f you bb there will be a link in the description as well to Philips websites so with this monitor you can simplify your connections thanks to a USBC connection so with just one USB C connection from your device that is capable you can then charge that device and then use the connect abilities on the back to then at different ports and have different equipments thanks to USBs and also a hdmi and displayport this monitor offers a curved display which means it's in a more immersive experience so talking more about the displays a 34 inch display or eighty six point three six centimeters depending on your choice to an LCD panel that offers a wide quad HD resolution of 3445 1440 resolution the actual panel inside is a multi-domain vertical alignment panel or a m.


A panel which is a midline LCD panel so as you can see when looking around this once it offers narrow border display with seamless appearance which is really good they're ultra narrow bezels which is a good thing if you want to add a multi-monitor setup system to your desktop and enjoy these monitors whether surround feeling as well being immersed in that curved display to actually see with the images and the videos that i've shown on this display but I'm talking about key features you'll notice it has an ultra wide color wide range of colors to give a vivid picture making your content even more enjoyable so with this monitor it offers a low blue mode which means that your eyes will get less fatigue and productivity can carry on for longer which is really good to see on this display this display offers a great feature I've also shown and other Philips displays which is a multi view option which enables dual connect to view at the same time which means you can see two different sources one from the HDMI a one from the DisplayPort I have tested so I could have my MacBook up and running see my content my social media but then play some Xbox or watch something called Apple TV or connect any device that I want to connect to so you can use picture and picture mode or picture by a picture this monitor offers a hundred Hertz refresh rate for ultra smooth images navigating your like simple and easy thanks to joystick control stick system which is located on the bottom right hand corner just at the back and I think this is one of the best ways to get around your monitor so no fiddly buttons as long as you know the directions and I'm going to show you now to press him first of all to the left hand side you've got the smart image preset and inside here there's loads of different choices as you can see you can scroll through here and choose the best one for you so if user productivity or even if you were easy reading there as well you've got off issues you've got movie use you've got that low blue mode as well to make it easier on your eyes and less fatigue well you have the option of off pressing to the right will actually dismiss this menu I actually choose an option for you so if we go in here choose this option you can see it's gonna stay that color now so patting down will change your source options and you can go through your source and you also have an auto option again pressing to the right will actually make this come true just leaving it will dismiss if you toggle to the right this will bring up your menu system here your menu system is very nice and easy to read through and to fly through as well you have a great range of languages preset into the display as well the one little letdown is the volume when it comes to volume which is here going to volume then with a joystick you go up and down to control your volume there's no separate volume control which is slightly annoying but our two five watt speakers built into the display offer very good sound I'm quite impressed with the sound level on here so dismissing the menu each pressing to the left and pressing the right will make become true if you actually press the button in on your display that's put your monitor into sleep pressing it again will wake it back up to the best feature for me which I've saved to last is when you press up on the joystick so this will give you picture by picture or picture in picture and then the ability to swap as we're doing this I'm just going to power on the Xbox so the Xbox is connected via the HDMI connection my MacBook is connected via the display ports so now these should be all up and running I'm going to go picture-in-picture you may have the same issue that's come up for me here but it's actually showing both DisplayPort and HDMI on the same screen he don't want maxed we need to do is go into your menu then go down to the setting here come down and then you're gonna change your ports to the HDMI there's a HDMI 2.

0 as you can see in the bottom corner now we have Xbox so you can also move this around as well so if we go back into the menu system very easy very quick to navigate as well if we go down here go here you can change the size which is good and also you have position so I can change the position to anywhere that I want then I can start enjoying my gaming session so if I want to actually do more gaming but keep an eye on social media what I can do is press up and then what we can do here swap one little flick the button if it time it will swap round so now I have now got my macbook pro through the display port in the top corner here which is really good so I can keep an eye on stuff and then I can get into my gaming and really enjoying my gaming or so the other option this monitor offers you is picture by picture so what this will do is split screen into two and then you have picture by picture and then you can do more space as well and then you have more productivity going on which is a great feature then to turn this off just flick up and go down to the office will turn this off and then it will go into the main source which was the Xbox so now I want to show you some gaming from the Xbox one X on this display this monitor is great for productivity but it's also great for gaming I've used my xbox one X on this haven't had any issues it won't play in 4k as it's coming through the HDMI cable but it tries to push out the best resolution possible and what I thought I'd do is show you a bit of the new FIFA 19 demo that's just landed yesterday I believe so the speakers are 2 5 watt speakers at downward firing that sound really good an exciting occasion stands before us here on the big European stage tonight I'm regaining possession very sorry cleverly that's an interesting path sometimes you staple up next to arrest me right what do you think how much did it cost how fast can it hit a hundred I tell you what I think I see potential I see the knife's edge of control that split second where I put everything on the line I see myself when you know yeah right there this is need for speed footage of payback just want to show you around here and he can open the city block by block hot dogs and be don't let it go you kid I guess miss feed Raptors every day I get to take deep you left I don't race anymore that's the deal no more racing straight to jail and that's gaming on the Xbox one here so it's really enjoyable the massive display really draws you into the content it really pulls you in and it's a really nice large panel as you can see with the Xbox one X it doesn't matter about the quad wide HD here it's just fit into the service it's been great colors are very good very representational of the normal colors and also the response time is very good as well so I've enjoyed using this monitor for gaming so let's switch back but this monitor you do get the smart compact economic base from Philips which offers you a great adjustability with your monitor to put in the correct position for you so first of all I want to talk about the height so the height has a hundred and eighty mils difference so you can go really low down or really high up or that is 18 centimeters so first of all let's take it all the way down just one hand just push all the way down but as you can see here it's very low to the base and really good to use if you want to use it this way if you want to go all the way up like I said it's a hundred and eighty and now she can see that's quite a height adjustment ability there so moving on this monitor has the ability to swivel as well and it has a great range of swivel so it has a hundred and seventy degrees each way so if we swivel this round just be careful with your cables if you've got cables connected you can swivel this all the way around nearly 180 degree opposite direction to you but as a hundred and seventy degree angle of swivel can really adjust this to where you want it to be so with the column here you can see a side profile of the monitor I just bring this around ultra narrow bezels the ultra and our finish to the monitor which is really nice here coming around you can see that curve there and also you can see as well you also have a hundred and seventy eight degree viewing angle so you can see the viewing angle is very good as well so if I bring this around even further you can still see them colors there as well to finish with this you have one final motion which is the tilt option so you have a minus five so this is a minus five very minor and then you also have a plus 20 which is quite a lot different so as you can see for all these options you have such a great adjustability options and flexibility of the monitor thanks for that smart compact economic base from to put the display where you need it for your long hours of productivity or even longer hours of gaming and enjoying content so just to finish out I want to turn around and show you the back of the monitor and your connect ability options so as you can see we've got one HDMI port here you've then got a display port as well there is your USB C for docking so you can use this as a dock as I have mentioned before then also you've got three USB 3s there and the first one is a fast charging option then you have an audio in then you have a headphone jack and then you have your power so behind your column you can see a little black button you press this in to release a column and you can also use a VESA mount so 100 by 100 best amount to mount your monitor if you so wish doing so moving on and giving my personal thoughts and feelings just to wrap up the video so I've really enjoyed this displays been with me now three to four weeks it's worked every single time I plug it into my Mac throat and every time I've used my laptop monitor has been on giving me an ultra wide display there's immersed me in with that curve and using the Philips brilliance crystal clear quad HD inside as well it's just been so enjoyable to use I haven't add any technical issues with it it's just worked and that's what you want from a monitor some of the key aspects I want to just highlight which I spoke about in my review is a multi V technology which is really exciting to use and really great to have so you can actually have picture and picture or picture by picture which I did show you so if you are someone that does own a notebook laptop or Chromebook that uses USB C as its main connection for charging this monitor could be for you where you could actually lose all of them cables you could use just one cable to dock your device into the monitor and giving you power to your device and giving you extra ports and connects ability at the rear which is really good to see so one thing I really do like when I get a Philips monitor to review is a smart image preset and there are a lot here to choose from to help choose the best productivity you're doing or whatever sort of content you're looking at you can choose the best one for you so with that as well you've got four milliseconds of response time from 100 Hertz refresh rate which is really nice to use on the gaming side as well when you're finished down in your productivity so finally I just want to thank you guys for sitting and watching the review and I hope you enjoyed this there will be a link in the description where you can go and find out further information from Philips on where the best places to buy in your location if you do have any questions or queries please drop comment down below I'd be more than happy to help if you don't mind hit that like button and subscribe to stay up to date with all our latest videos by ringing that notification bell from me Ricky I'll see you very soon bye for now.

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