MSI Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor

The MAG27CQ is a new 27 inch 1440p 144Hz curvedgaming monitor from MSI, so let’s check it out and see if it’s something you shouldconsider.

As mentioned this is a 27 inch monitor witha 16 by 9 aspect ratio and runs at the 1440p resolution, so 2560 by 1440.

It’s got AdaptiveSync, so you’ll need an AMD graphics card in order to take advantage of this, unfortunatelyI’ve only got Nvidia cards here, so I wasn’t able to test this.

The panel also runs at 144Hz, which is a greatchoice for gamers, and as you may have noticed it’s also got an 1800R curve.

This is afairly noticeable curve, especially for a monitor of this size, but after using it fora few weeks I did start to get used to it.

The panel also has a 1ms MRPT response time,and has a peak brightness of 250 nits.

It’s also a VA panel, and to me the colourslook great, I couldn’t notice any changes even when looking at the screen on sharp angles,MSI list that it’s capable of 178 degree viewing angles both vertically and horizontally.

In terms of colour accuracy, MSI note thatthe panel is capable of 110% of sRGB and 85% of NTSC, and when testing with my Spyder 5pro I got results of 100% of sRGB, 79% of NTSC, and 84% of Adobe RGB.

Unfortunatelythe Spyder doesn’t track sRGB above 100%, but in any case this seems pretty good andI’ve happily been using it for content creation.

The panel also has a 3000 to 1 contrast ratio.

I’ve also performed my usual backlight bleedtest, which involves having the screen completely black in a dark room to help emphasize anybleeding.

I then take a long exposure photo to display any bleed, so this is a worst casescenario test.

As you can see there does appear to be a little bit of bleed, however evenin a dark room I was only just able to notice the bit down the bottom myself, although itwas very slight, and under normal lighting conditions it was perfectly fine, althoughthis will of course vary between monitors.

It’s not all just about the panel though,taking a look at the rest of the monitor it’s got a silver V shape stand.

The bezels arefairly thin, at around 9mm based on my own measurements.

The stand can also be removed,revealing a standard 75mm VESA mount.

The on screen display was pretty easy to useand navigate through, there’s only a joystick on the back right hand side which you pressto access the menu.

Speaking of the back, it’s a matte blackplastic, with some red accents, including red lighting strips on the left and right.

These only light up red and breathe on and off, and I found that they weren’t reallybright enough to notice unless in a completely dark room, but you can turn them off if youprefer.

The IO is on the back toward the bottom andfaces down.

There’s a DVI port, HDMI 2.

0 port, DisplayPort 1.

2 output, 3.

5mm headphonejack, and power input, no USB hub or speakers here.

The HDMI port supports up to 120Hz, so you’llneed to use DisplayPort for the full 144Hz refresh rate.

There’s also a Kensingtonlock nearby.

As for the included cables you get a HDMI cable, a DisplayPort cable, andof course power cable and external power brick.

Both the stand and display together weighin at around 5.

8kg, although due to the large size I wasn’t able to test it myself.

Despite the stand being covered in plastic,it’s metal inside, and it does a pretty good job of supporting the panel.

Even ifI bump my desk it only wobbles a little.

As for the overall dimensions, the panel itselfis around 61.

2cm in width and 36.

3cm in height, so it’s not that large of a screen, it feelsjust a little different coming from my old 24 inch monitors, but still the extra spaceis definitely better.

There’s a fair bit of adjustments availabletoo, with -5 to 15 degrees of tilt, -30 to 30 degrees of swivel, and 6.

5cm of heightadjustment with enough tension so that the screen actually stays where you leave it,no pivot here.

The power consumption for the monitor is listedas 60 watts on the spec sheet, and while testing at 144Hz with minimum brightness and the backlightingon I found it to sit at around 15 watts, at 50% brightness the total power draw rose to27 watts, while at 100% brightness it increased to 41 watts.

Turning the backlighting offonly decreased the power draw by 1 to 2 watts.

So far the monitor looks pretty good, buthow was it to actually use day to day? This was my second time with a high refresh rate1440p monitor like this, and to be honest I preferred this one.

The other one that Iused was 32 inches, which I think I’d personally prefer to have at 4K.

The curve here was quiteaggressive for me, but after a few weeks I got used to it and didn’t mind it, I’mstill not sure if I prefer it, but I suppose it’s personal preference.

The high refreshrate was really nice though, especially in games where my frame rate could get high enough.

In modern games you’ll need a powerful graphicscard to actually take advantage of the higher refresh rates, especially at a 1440p resolution,but for less demanding E-sports titles like overwatch and CS:GO you can get away witha lower end graphics card, especially if you’re willing to drop the settings down a bit.

PlayingOverwatch on medium settings with my Nvidia 1080 ran well above 144 FPS and the gameplaywas very smooth the whole time.

If you’ve got a lower end graphics card you can alwaysdrop the resolution down to 1080p instead while gaming.

I’ve also used the monitor to edit somevideos and that went well too, I found 1440p at 27 inches to be a great size, any largerand I’d probably be looking at 4K, although unfortunately we can’t get 4K monitors withrefresh rates this high yet, and graphics cards aren’t really powerful enough anyway.

I found this monitor to be really good for gaming, and then also great for all othertasks, although this will of course depend on your personal preference regarding thecurve.

As for the price it’s going for about $600AUD here in Australia, or around $450 USD on Amazon for my international viewers, puttingit in a similar range to many other monitors with these specs, and on the lower side forsuch a monitor with a curve.

So what did you guys think about the MAG27CQgaming monitor from MSI? I really liked the high refresh rate at the 1440p resolution,from games to just browsing through pages on the Internet, everything felt nice andsmooth.

At first I was impartial to the curve, and even while finishing this review I thoughtI didn’t really like it, but when I went back to a regular monitor it did feel kindof strange, like the corners were just too far away or something, it’s hard to describebut I think I’d probably prefer the curve, even at the 27 inch size.

The colour accuracyof the display was also great, and I’ve really liked using it to edit video for thelast few weeks.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts downin the comments, and leave a like if you found the information useful.

Thanks for watching,and don’t forget to subscribe for future tech videos like this one.

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