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what's going on everyone dr 4:20 comingat you with a brand new monitor thank you for tuning in i'm gonna be showingyou this thing msi optics g27 c2 I don't really know anything about monitors I'mnot a tech guy but this is gonna be my new gaming monitor so y'all can check itout here's a quick look at the box I bought this one cuz it was pretty cheapand it had like 144 Hertz I read about that it's pretty good and a onemillisecond response time and it is a curved monitor and I really wanted acurved monitor I think they're pretty cool also 1080p people are recommending4k but you know that's pretty expensive to get 144 Hertz and 1 millisecondresponse time for 4k so I was like alright I'll just go ahead with the1080p one and I got it for a good price this thing was about 250 before tax andyeah I'm gonna set it up and show you guys what it looks like ok hopefullythis camera angle is decent if not I'll just have to cut this part but you openit up it says true gaming on the top whatever that's worth it is wrapped upin some heavy styrofoam the whole thing okay here is the screencurve 1800 our optimal viewing angle for the human eye or so I'm toldall right I'm gonna skip to once this thing is set up and I'll see you guys inall right I got I got her all set up here came with two parts for the standbasically basically this red and black part and then the stand at the bottomcame with five screws three screws went on the bottom to attach this to this andthen two screws go in the back right here and it swivels down and upbasically out side to side so very nice looking monitor hits of red are verynice man MSI curved 27-inch screen baby alright I'm gonna hook this thing up getmy xbox connected and hopefully we can configure color to optimal levelsalright so off the bat this is what it looks like looks pretty good to me sofar we're gonna mess around with the graphics and yeah the different lightingand contrast backlight all that good stufftry to get it optimized but um just want to touch on the construction of thismonitor right quick $250 monitor this thing is like 100% metal its frickinheavy and then the back piece is like a heavy plastic and then the inner cord Iguess that runs up the back of the monitor is metal asso construction I'm very impressed with so this black piece in the back isplastic and this red piece is even harder plastic and then inside isencased a metal rod basically so yeah I'm really happy with that looks greatlet's get into the color correction and stuff okay so basically the screen hasdifferent presets on it and you can also mess around with the brightness andcontrast so I'll show you guys that right here you just all the buttons areat the bottom right here a nice blue power button so you base the best thismenu brings up the menu and as I said you got the brightness contrast DCR I'mnot sure what that does DCR let's check that outenter is this button right here so DCR is something I'll have to see what thatis if you know what that is let me know in the comments below mode is what I wastalking about got standard movie FPS RTS and I saber which I'll show you again ina second you can flip through them so you can see each one color temperatureor aspect ratio input HDMI you know all that stuff display for DVI and adjustsomething gamma gamma rays I don't know that's a new one other all right sobasically if you want to switch through you just press the arrow button go fromstandard you can see the color switch there to movie then you go to fps it's alittle brighter you got RTS is a little darker you cansee the the blacks a little better I saver it's definitely for nighttime usemuch warmer scale of colors with that oneso movie looks very good FPS pretty good RTS the colors look very saturated whichI kind of like but maybe I'll play around with that but and if all of themI mean movie looks the best to me i FPS was pretty good to have a first-personshooter pretty much made for Call of Duty so I'mgonna stick with that one for now alright so I have decided to just stickwith the FPS setting like I said you can control brightness and contrast but Ithink I'm gonna be good with this setting it looks pretty good one otherthing I'd like to add is that this monitor does not have any speakers whichI have a headset so that's what I plan on using but I didn't know if it had tobe or not anyway but it doesn't matter I have a good headset that I use my gameso that's what this is for but yeah that's gonna do it this is the setup manthere's a little setup at the nice screen now I got my laptop and yeah I'mliking it see the slight curvature in this screen so so yeah MSI 27-inch curvemonitor 1080p 144 Hertz one millisecond response time so yeah that's gonna do itfor this video new monitor all set up looking nice dr 420 like commentsubscribe catch you guys in the next video peace.

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