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okay what's up everyone it's me again Abdul and what I'm going to talk about right now is monitor of LG 22mpg t 8p q – v mother so a lot of a lot of you are complaining because of the bad audio in a previous video that I put out apparently a lot of you need this information so let's get started 22 MP v e8 P Q dash V it's an LG model monitor it's a 1080p monitor I know it's cheap it's about $160 back in the 2017 when I bought it but right now if it probably cheapens out or maybe just $100 or a hundred million dollar if you were going to purchase it it's a 1080p display so it's not much it's not like 4k or anything and it's actually IPS so LED IPS so yeah it's IPs major feature about this monitor it's just that it's it is full HD and I don't know the input as HDMI has VGA as DVI in my unit what it actually came with is the with the VGA monitor but it probably differs in four in which area that you purchase this monitor in so that is that yeah it has our clients then just the thing is designing some art whatever or whatnot and the monitor is actually matte finished so that it's not glossy so it probably a pro's for some of you or maybe cons for like for some of some for some other of you yeah it's nice it's matte finish so it doesn't reflective at all so it's 22 inch it's 21.

5 inch diagonal oh it says the color gamut is 72% of CIE 1931 so it's probably a hundred percent srgb I don't color calibrate this monitor because why would I it's it's a cheap monitor I didn't even I didn't have to care to calibrate it like what the data color spider thingy that you put in your monitor I don't have that response time five millisecond I don't know about that scheming stuff and the refresh rate is standard 60 Hertz is standard 60 Hertz because this chief monitor right it's not 120 Fritz or something like that or hundred hundred forty four that's game like the resolution is 1920 by 1080 contrast ratio filling angle is 178 degrees because it's a IPS panel there's surface treatment anti glare so as I did say it's matte finish inputs and or IO in general HDMI if the ID be sub or VGA cable so that's it before the power but what do you care about the power right it's a hundred it's 20 watts in it except the power break from the power adapter from the 100 to 240 volts yeah it has a thing in the bottom of it just so that you could access the middle that's all the buttons this monitor have is that the you want a new button it's just like a joystick II you press it and you can navigate around the menus and stuff just so that you could calibrate not calibrate you could set or access the menu or setting the monitor the way that you want just by that one joystick button in the bottom of the monitor okay and picture mode there's a lot of picture mode in this monitor there is a custom and reader one reader to photo cinema game color weakness so it's just that it has a bunch of picture mode just so that it read our for probably just some breeding purposes make the monitor turn reddish or yellowish just so that it doesn't hurt your eyes or photo just over saturated cinema or maybe just some enhancement to the monitor some some like that it's not I don't think it calibrated from the factory because I did bought two of them have to I have to them because I am building a set up that is to our modular setup and to two different two of those motor is look quite different the color is look quite different although that that's probably because I plug that it into a different ports flicker safe yes six access control I don't know man that's exactly control means the joystick or a non-black stabilizer power cord is emi manual so yeah it comes with manual in the box of the cardboard box and it has a dedicated window management software just so that if you are using for example like windows you could install an app to your computer just so that it will split the windows that you have in your model just so that it managed this space display it with three windows at a time this way it were four windows at a time something like that it probably already could already do that without that just use the window snap doesn't have to install but there's that and I gotta talk with the bezel though this monitor has a super thick bezel it almost like kind of like ugly it's not almost it's ugh it's at the point where it's like ugly and I mean to be fair if you ask me right now I probably don't want to buy it I just buy a straight up 4k monitor just so for I'm doing something like for editing works or do a video editing photo editing but what's this monitor it's good for it's just a really cheap monitor and the panel is quite good actually it's just that it has a thick bezel to it that I don't really like and it's probably color accurate because it 72% of CIE 19 1931 72% it's it's rated for 72% CIE 1931 that's huge it's probably cover up a hundred percent of srgb though if you color calibrate it but I don't so what's the point right it's sixty Hertz it doesn't it doesn't have a freezing it's sixty Hertz so it's not quite as powerful for gaming but what do you expect right this is a hundred to $150 monitor and the Jewish stick in the bottom of the murderer like yeah it's cool you don't have to switch to a different button it's it can it's convenient to have one button only you can never get a new stick around to it and it's a matte finish so that it doesn't look like if and you don't have to as much wiping it out because of their smudge on the monitor there is no smudge thickness I would say it's probably it's not a it's pretty clean it's just I don't know I don't have comparison yeah it's a standard and it's not it's not too thick it's not too thin either it's just just a regular it's just regularly being I guess apart from the bezel oh yeah I need to point out that this monitor is really honestly cheap yeah it's really cheap it's a really convenient if you want to build a multi-monitor setup for your particular need because it's really cheap you don't have to invest too much money for it and you could easily built up multi monitor system like for example because different is it's really convenient to have multi minded or certain multi-monitor setup for a lot of numerous different purposes like general productivity ins instead of having like one monitor so yeah that's it for the video thanks for watching this far and giving my area watch time yeah or subscribe to see more of my videos if you like this video like hit thumbs up man or give a feedback on whatever the things that you want to means uncover because I can clearly I can read your mind just because you have watching YouTube video I can exactly like yeah that's it for the video thank you for watching you.

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