BenQ monitor SW271 review

Hello, my name is Lucie Drlíková and I am an underwater photographer.

One of the key things for me, apart from actually taking shots and setting things up, is post-production.

Absolutely key for me is the true colour reproduction on the final photographs.

I play around with the colours quite a lot.

In the past, I used to work a lot on notebooks or on non-calibrated monitors.

I would set the colours of the photographs exactly as I wanted them.

Then when I went to the print shop, the colours were completely different to what I had seen on the monitor.

The colours were way off.

That is when I first heard the words, "maybe you should consider a calibrated monitor".

Otherwise, the print shop can never achieve the kind of colour reproduction that I have in mind.

And that is really key for me.

I am really detail-conscious about colours, for the atmosphere to be exactly as I imagine it, as I want it to be in the end.

Because it has a huge impact on how people perceive the photograph and most importantly for me, how I want to perceive it.

So I started to take an interest in this issue.

When the monitor manufacturer BenQ approached me and asked whether I would like to test their monitor and to make a review on it I was, actually, very happy because they came exactly at the time that I was really starting to think about it.

On the other hand, I had doubts whether I would be the right person for this, since I am a totally non-technical person.

I wasn't really sure whether my review would be able to cover enough information about the technical parameters and specifications.

And then I realised that this was not actually necessary Because there were many people just like myself We need to know the benefits, why we actually need to change our notebook for a calibrated monitor? What added value will it bring? How it will make our work easier? Why is it good for us? So I decided to go for it.

I started working with the monitor about a month and a half ago BenQ agreed to give me more than a month's time.

So that I could get in tune with the monitor So that it would not just be a one-day test after which I would say 'yes, great' or 'no' So, I really worked on it for a month, it was a month of editing So I think, that today I can, in all honesty, say what it did for me.

So, here you can see the specifications for the monitor that I am using, it is a BenQ SW271 Those specifications are here on the screen.

It is primarily a monitor intended for photographers, who need to work with colour reproduction.

It supports HDR, this is actually a 27" with 4K resolution with 10-bits This is one of the top models offered by BenQ Of course, lower models, more affordable monitors are also available The key point here is to have a good look and choose a model based on your needs another evident advantage of this monitor is actually it positioning variability This means, for example, I am quite tall and I raise it quite high up to eye level.

Of course, it can be tilted based on how you are actually sitting But the thing that I fell in love with at first sight was this feature: The option to work in portrait mode Which is just great for me when I know that I am doing a series of photographs that are in portrait I always see the photo in this larger format Because when I put it like this, I can see it only in this centre position and I have to zoom in and out a lot When I put it like this, I can work on it, here I adjust just the tilt as necessary.

As far a this light shield is concerned, now I have it set in the landscape position because I've been editing this photo in landscape but if I were to work in portrait mode for an extended period of time I would simply set the light shield to the vertical portrait position and work that way.

or me, this option was something that just captivated me.

The monitor is very versatile and can be rotated in all directions.

It is so easy to handle.

This means that you can safely pick it up and carry it like this.

Another great thing is that the special light shield prevents glare.

This means that there really is no glare at all.

Another thing that is important for me is that my eyes don't hurt when I use the monitor.

OK, so here we can see an example: this is a calibrated monitor and this is what the prints will look like This is an uncalibrated monitor Since the monitor is already calibrated at the factory, you can start working with it right away which I see as another clear advantage.

As far as accessories are concerned, you have various types of cables in the box this means that there's no problem connecting to whatever you need You don't need to run out somewhere to buy a cable at the same time, as you can see, there is a card reader at the back Another great thing, I don't know what it's called in Czech, the manufacturer calls it a hotkey puck.

There's an option to re-calibrate between Adobe, RGB and SRGB and then you can switch it to black and white From here you go to the menu with which you want to work.

If you really want to see it only in preview, how the photo will look in black and white Without having to do any other modifications.

You can simply click to change it like this.

Finally, I would like to reiterate.

I am not a technical person.

So this whole review is only my own subjective opinion based on a working for a month on this incredible monitor, and that is all.

As far as I'm concerned, it's great.

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