BenQ EW277HDR Monitor

Hey guys.

As some of you might know, I'm using 3 PCmonitors for my desktop.

It might be overkill for some, but I likelooking at my content all at once.

I'm always on a lookout for affordable monitorsand BenQ contacted me and sent me a monitor for a honest review.

It's the EW277HDR with Eye Care technologyand the price of the EW277HDR is SGD$329.

Setting up is pretty easy, firstly assemblethe base to the stand using the in-built screw.

Then attach the panel to the stand using a screwdriver.

In the manual there is something that lookslike a wall mount bracket, but it isn't included in this package.

There is no height adjustment and the tiltangle is around 5 – 15 degrees.

There is a small scratch on the screen itselfwhich isn't that obvious.

Usually exchange is permitted within certainnumber of days so be sure to check any products you buy in general.

The EW277HDR has a 27 inch display that reallypops out in a near bezel-less housing.

The bottom of the bezel is a little wider,that's where the buttons and settings are to the right.

More about the buttons later on.

At the back is where all the ports are located.

From left to right, 2 HDMI port, VGA port,headphone jack, Line-in and the power port.

Flanking the ports are the 2 speakers andto the right is the monitor lock.

The speakers sounded okay but I much preferspeakers that are facing towards me.

1080p resolution on a 27 inch panel isn'tthe sharpest display around if it was a 2K panel it will be so much better.

It features a VA panel that has 100% Rec.

709,93% DCI-P3 color gamut, 60Hz refresh rate and peak brightness with HDR at 400 nits.

Using a VA panel on EW277HDR means viewingangles are good and remains consistent.

Color accuracy is pretty good, I don't seemuch issue when I am watching movies or doing my usual video editing.

As for HDR, not to be confused with resolution,is called High Dynamic Range.

HDR increases color and contrast so that imageswill be much brighter and more natural.

The EW277HDR automatically triggers HDR whenit detects a true HDR source, if not there is a HDR button to view on normal images.

From personal experience, there is a slightor no difference at all in my case.

The other function of the button is BrightnessIntelligence Plus (B.


The EW277HDR detects on screen content, oruses a sensor to detect ambient light to automatically adjust brightness and color temperature toease eye strain.

It's part of the BenQ's Eye Care technologythat protects your eyes for heavy users.

It works great for me and easier on the eyes,since I use the monitor in low light especially when I'm doing video editing.

The menu buttons are located at the bottomright, with dots to represent each button.

The right most is the power button, with aLED indication.

I find that the placement of the LED is ina weird location I can't even see it from my angle.

Most monitors have a light or some sort onthe front to see it easily.

The first button is for Low Blue Light and4 options to choose from.

Multimedia, Web Surfing, Office and Reading.

Second button is Picture Mode that has a numberof preset options that varies in brightness and color.

If you notice there is also a Low Blue Lightoption here.

The Low Blue Light in the first setting willoverride and select Low Blue Light in Picture Mode.

Third button is the input or source.

The Forth button has all the main settingsand customizations for the monitor.

Eye Care controls mainly the Blue Light andBrightness Intelligence (B.

I+) settings like duration and Light meter.

Picture controls settings like brightness,gamma and hue to your liking.

Take note that depending on which Picturemode you select and whether HDR is turned on, some setting may and may not be available.

Picture Advanced is where you change settingslike Super Resolution that makes content look sharper.

Dynamic contrast to automatically adjust brightnessand contrast and Smart Focus is to highlight a particular area but I don't see what kindof uses I could have with it.

Display setting is to change input and doadjustments to the display itself.

Audio is for the external speakers behindand System settings for Custom Keys Auto Power Off and Information.

The BenQ EW277HDR is a multipurpose monitor thatnot only looks great and has useful Eye Care features like Blue Light and Brightness Intelligence(B.

I+) which I really like a lot.

I notice lesser eye strain when working forlong periods of time which is great.

The EW277HDR should be for people that doediting or just normal content consumption.

As for gaming, it may not appeal to some thatprefer higher refresh rate.

The 1080p resolution is low for a 27 inchmonitor and the HDR mode could do better since I don't see a drastic difference when using it.

All in all, it's pretty great overall andworth getting when the price gets a little cheaper.

That's it for this video.

Thanks for watching and see you guys in the next one.

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