AOC AGON AG352UCG6 Ultra wide Curved Gaming Monitor

hi everyone I'm Ricky from Tech Talk andtoday is the review of the AOC Aegon 35 inch ultra wide quad HD curved gamingmonitor that's cancer reviewing so as I'm going through my review gonna seesome videos from the Xbox one X or some game in there and the crew – and alsosome images the screen itself is the 35 inch curved wqhddisplay with a resolution of 34 40 by 1440 resolution and offers a wideviewing angle which can be viewed from 178 degrees either horizontal side andyou don't lose the colors they don't fade away and they don't disappear aswell his display supports the latest Nvidia g-sync technology 120 Hertzrefresh rate will allow games to run smoothly with no tearing and no slipmotion either so the motional looks smooth for every part of the game so foryour equipment as well it will work with this refresh rate to give you the bestpossible picture on your display depending on your equipment as well withthe curved screen it really brings you into the video you feel immersed in thiscurved screen and such a large display displays at so many different windows orone stunning great image or even moving as monitor uses a 21.

9 aspect ratio thismonitor is 2.

4 times more pixels compared to a standard 16.

9 full HDdisplay this monitor also has a OC shadow control which enables fastadjustment of the in-game image to improve your areas of the screen thatare too dark or washed out without affecting the rest of the screen whichis really great also has a OC game color with a OC game color adjust the colorsaturation gray level with 200 levels of detail for better game experience thismonitor has a low blue light mode which means it reduces the harmful blue lightsin the monitor so it means you can gain for longer and you'll get less fatigueas well so it's protecting your eyes but you can still enjoy this great immersivemonitor here one neat feature that I like about this monitor is the abilityto change your lights on the front and also on the back so I've shown you wherethey are but you can change between three colors you have red green or bluethis is either to choose your team you're in or just if you want adifferent color while you're playing a game it's nice to have that it's alittle added extra and it's nice to see from a ACA as four milliseconds greatergrace as its response time is very quick that linked into that high refresh rateas well it's gonna be really great for your gaming the contrast ratio is 2500to 1 the brightness is 300 CBM is 16.

7 million visible colors on this monitorthat means that you're gonna get draw dropping images from both images moviesgained the TV shows whatever you're using the monitor for even productivityto have the optimal resolution through HDMI which is the HDMI 1.

4 is 34 40 by1440 that runs at 50 Hertz to get the best response out this monitor and getthe best images possible linked up with your equipment is to use a display portof course the display port is a 1.

2 port the resolution is 34 40 by 1440 that's a120 Hertz refresh rate there are two speakers on the monitor which aredownward facing and are reasonably well really impressed with them compared tosome other monitor speakers that have used there is also options to connectextra speakers if you so want to you do have two speakers here both with twowatts of power so four watts of total power on the back you will find a VESAmount as well so you can connect this up to a wall mount if you so wish team somoving on with the review on a talk about the joystick control system youhave for this monitor there's a single control stick just underneath the middleof your display under the word agon so if you tap this slightly to the rightit's gonna bring up your menu and inside your menu you have a range of optionshere I want to talk about so the first one is luminance and you have colorsetup USD set up and then extras and if we go into extras so tapping to theright will take you into the option here again tap in to the right if you have anoption will take you in further tapping again but once the right will highlightit green then you can toggle through to turn this on or off as you see hereonce you're done if you tumble to the left and push Cilla it's gonna take youback out of your menu here one special feature with this monitor is the LEDcolors that you can change on your display we toggle inside here we canfrom blue to green to red this means that you could choose the color that youwant for your setup so going to the left will toggle out of the menu here and youhave other options as well that you can go into and change if you so wish to incolor setup here you have the color temperature here we have the load bluelight mode which is a great feature here it'll help protect your eyes again youcan choose the colors here and set up what you desire to choose and if we gointo illuminance as well we'll get more choice here if we come in here if youcome all the way down to the bottom you're gonna see game mode here this iswhere you can really change the settings and Limit embracing RTS FPS off or gameso you have kind of options there which is nice to see down here at the bottomyou do have the full resolution and the Hertz is running at again this willchange depending on the equipment it is connected to so backing out the menusystem there if you do have any questions please drop a comment downbelow and I'll be more than happy to help the joystick has a couple of otherfeatures as well as the menu if you pull down this will bring up your volumecontrol system here and you can take the up or down the choice is yours very easyand very simple to do press left or right to dismiss this we press to theleft or toggle to the left this will change ports depending if you haveanother connection again change your port here and then we're back into ourdisplay port so I'm using on my rapid progress it wants to turn off themonitor press in again our lights are on and I'm going to show you around thelights and the back of the monitor now and all you'll connect abort ports soturning back to the rear of our monitor now I just want to go through theconnectability the ports that we have here and also some of the added featuresthat IOC have provided for us so at the top you've got your lights instead of asection here two strips of lights these can be changed between red green or blueyou decide if you're in that mood or on that seventeen you can choose down hereat the bottom so running underneath here along here along the bottom will beanother light as well again will sync up with the lies that you choose in themenu system which I showed you earlier so if I bring this up first of all youhave your joystick control system here which is ideal and great to see and Ilike the silver color in there as well inside here we see our connect abilityto have DisplayPort HDMI and audio in so for a microphone or power so to the lefthand side all to the right hand side when spanningyou have another audio in your headphone jack fast charging USB a normal USB 3and then your connection to your devices bring this back down here anotherfeature is a Kensington lock gates who add extra security to your monitor thenfinally the other cool feature for this monitor is its little ear the sticks outhere to add on headphones if you want to – once you've finished gaming orlistening to something rest your headphones on that unit on your deskwhich is ideal standard mccollum that come with this monitorit's ideal for this as it is very caffeine so it does need a good solidstand and column is made with metal material black in color or sometimesI've seen it's still clean color see there are two different options inchoice to connect this on there are four screws you need to place in here andmake sure you place a two teeth in first up here at the top if you ran to theback of the monitor now I want to talk about the adjustability but you havewith this AAC display a couple of things I just want to point out it looks asgood on the back as it does the front this is where your light strips aregoing to be as I discussed earlier you have a o-cedarin silver and you also see here you have your column with a great handle on topas well as help with the weight of this so please be careful when moving aroundbecause it does have a fair weight just down here you have a cable managementsystem and you can then all your cables through there and then also make sureyour monitor is all neat and tidy for your gaming setup so on the back hereyou do have a height adjustment to start off with the height adjustment is 11centimeters or 110 millimeters so at the moment it's at its highest point I canpush it all the way down this is it's the lowest point that's its lowest pointthere so taking it back up it's a nice easy motion you can actually do it withone hand as well this monitor also offers a swivel position as well nowit's 30 degrees from Center so this is what it will look like so it's 30degrees this way then obviously you can turn it 30 degrees the other way as welland then you can position this one and so for wherever you need it then finallythe other option you have here for adjustability is your tilt option so ifyou want to tilt it down this is where it's slightly lacking it's only fivepoint five degrees so if I just bring this down slightly and then tilt downthis is the only motion that you're going to have so it's not much of adownward view then if you want to change into an upward motion this is 28 degreesso if I do this here and then pull forward you can see that it reallyrelaxes back and you can really ease into your work here or even your gamingthe choice is yours again you can swivel and you couldheight position this wherever you want to which is ideal then just to wrap up Iwant to give you my personal thoughts so first of all this was the biggest screenthat I've ever used a 35 inch is really nice for my eyesight as you do now andregister blind so 35 inch is really good it's nice it's not a flat panel as I'vestruggled to see right across that panel with that curve you feel immersed anddrawn into the monitor which is really good one little bit I would like to seean improvement on is the bezels a slightly chunky all around but I knowthis needs to happen so hold the display but if they could improve on somethingI'd like to see smaller bezels maybe the other great thing with this monitor isthis got high durable metal made from the standard and column so it's going tobe really sturdy one other good thing is the weight of this monitor is a beast ofa monitor both inside and outside my main use of this morning that has beenproductivity is a gaming monitor first and for all I have managed to twice andgaming on there with the Xbox one X and to get the best option out this monitoryou do of course need the DisplayPort with a really beefy graphics card insideas well but while I bring you the review or the monitor from my side of the viewand what I think and being register blind and having the large display formultiple windows for productivity is easy to use it's being great with theWorld Cup as well we've had the World Cup on and it's been actually great I'vehad images of the World Cup there and then I've got my Twitter feed and alsoI've had to my notes I've been writing my notes it's really nice and easy to doand I'll be sad to see this money to go which is a shame so here in the UK thisis pushing towards 750 pounds which is quite expensive so please bear in mindbefore purchasing to really have a good think about is this a right monitor foryou as I've shown it doesn't have that ultra wide screen yet for the Xbox oneit that's a shame but if you have a PC and your PC Gamer or even a Mac gamerthen yes it would be the monastic view and it would be the right choice for youI hope you enjoyed this video and I hope it has helpedso please give the video a big thumbs up remember to subscribe stay updatedalways massive thank you to IO see the link to this monitor will be in thewebsite and the cheapest price here in the UK as well if you have any questionsor queries please do not hesitate to ask be more than happy to help this has beenmy personal review of the AOC egg on a g35 to you cgc thanks always watchingand I'll see you in my next video bye for now.

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