27 inch HP Monitor E273 Elite Display

what's on your screen is abeautiful-looking HP e273 LED display it is almost bezel less than it lookssleek and from the style of it I am sure you would love it on your desk so I willreview it for you today and tell you who really should buy this but right afterthe intro hello and welcome to 4RaysTech so thisis a stylish-looking 27 it's full HD 60 Hertz screen with 250 nits of brightnessit's a well lit display even for it goes with windows nearby it is super brightit's anti glare and as viewing angles for up to 178 degreesthen the contrast ratio is thousand to one which is suitable to cover mostmovies editing or gaming needs installation is simple mounting platecan be slide inside latch pops up and that's itcables can be managed through the center it would have been great if we could getthe cables from within the stand but I really find convenient however are theadjustments so even if you are tall and would want to raise the display or bringit down this thing can assist you with six inches of height adjustment but youcan incline it for up to 20 degrees only a bit more would it be ideal however youcan rotate the screen to set in portrait mode for up to 180 degrees so tiltingrotation extension of height that's easily doable without a hassle then youhave the essential code so you've got the display port the HDMI VGA USB 3.

0upstream port to connect the USB hub and then the two USB ports for USB deviceson the side of this screen on the front right we have a power indicator withcontrols at the bottom now another question of the day who is this screenfor so I'm gonna say it is a great screen for a lot of people especiallythose who are working on spreadsheets are looking to view multiple windowsside by side then you've got long list of stocks to have a look at and wouldwant to use it in portrait mode also we have srgb gamut of 94% which is good formost graphic designers and artists since i've used it for my recent editing's andhas been quite accurate with color correction so you can set customtemperatures if you wish doing so but 6,500 K is good to go and that'sstraight out of the box so if we need a bigger display with decent coloraccuracy something that's modern and looks sleeker on disc has a lot offlexibility in terms of rotation and adjustments and you wish to do a lotmultitasking in parallel as well then that lead display E273ticks all the boxes a volts played games on it have to say they look stunningeven though it is only 60 Hertz display yet the color reproduction is spot-onthe contrast is crisp and the overall brightness of the screen iswell-balanced so our movies blacks are deep and saturation is sharp and on thissize is good fun watching a movie whenever you get a little chance now theprice point of $249 I was bit skeptical for the ergonomics and adjustments forat a table 27 inch design it's a big screen but to my surprise it delivers agood package altogether however we as customers would always want more forless and that in mind it would have been great if it offers more than just FullHD resolution that's an ask all the way it's a lovely display and packs a lot offeatures that are actually needed when it comes to bigger 27-inch displays aso hit like if you liked the video and subscribe for future reviews with thatthought in mind I would wish you have a great evening and whatever you do you doit wisely stay cool calm and collected till again 4RaysTech signing out.

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